Who is maliah dating

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Given that, the number of different women might likely be less than 129.

At the same time though, while we listened to Drizzy songs until our brains started to leak out of our ears, there must have been some songs we missed. And given his impressively high women-to-songs ratio, that also means we must have missed some women.

Almost shockingly, his first mixtape, , features relatively few explicit women.

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Well, it turns out there is, if you're willing to do an insane amount of work.Drake commissioned a jersey retirement ceremony for the ladies, raising all their names to the rafters. A post shared by Lira Mercer (@lira_galore) on #Socialies, what do you think?Now we all know Drake is the type of man that wants to save everyone and make them into a “better person.” We hear it in his songs, we even seen it in some of his relationships. Did Drake make a wrong decision by retiring these strippers without asking?While it’s definitely a nice and thoughtful move, Drake keeps on forgetting that not everyone wants to be helped or “saved.” Just ask Maliah. Or do you think Drake wasn’t just being Drake and wanted to see everyone happy and live better? Contrary to "social media news" no man can retire me. Maliah will retire Maliah #Maliah Mondays A post shared by Goddess of the Underworld (@maliah_michel) on This Monday, she responded to an article that Hot New Hip Hop posted about Drake having good intentions the whole time. Maliah responded to the post: “No fucking well intentions… “I have to say something and it’s from the bottom of my heart. Do you know how good it feels to be able to walk in The club with girls 10 years plus younger than me and still be that bitch? So this can be a career if you take care of yourself.

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