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Do they have an i Pad application that can affect the thinking processes of females? No, what they have is the mutant ability to activate serotonin — the “feel good” chemical in women. Besides being awash with money, cars and fame, what else do these comedians have going for them?

Since increased endorphin levels occur both when you have sex and when you laugh, “funny men” hope to leave women temporarily confused into thinking that they are still laughing when they are actually having sex.But don’t ask me, ask my wife (who has transcended to a higher plane of reality).We may think of these chemical activators as the “good side” of the comedic Force. In fact, it was sense of humor — not the size of your credit card limit nor the ability to color-coordinate your belt with your shoes nor the possession of abdominals that could be used as a landing strip — that women have cited as the number one romantically attractive trait. Because for every Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby and Derek Ramsey who is cursed with sun-kissed skin, penetrating eyes, porcelain white teeth, rock-hard abs and product endorsements that could pay off the national debt, there are the Vic Sottos, the Michael Vs and the Vhong Navarros who have the ability to make women laugh off their insecurities, their inhibitions and their strategically placed articles of clothing. In a survey conducted by a US online dating service, they discovered that 70 percent of single women are most likely to fall in love with someone who has the ability to make them laugh until they pop an artery.

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