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Good way to apply the texting rules to your dating tool box. Taylor answered many of my questions about texting in the modern romantic era. If you read and loved The Rules this is a great book for you.Aperitivo Photo: Ardo Beltz Let's start at the beginning. There's no need to chase him; it works better if he makes all the moves. -Donna Marie Thompson, Ph D., Bouncing Back Now relationship coach A must-read for every single gal. Texting gave birth to my blog Dateless in Dallas, and albeit, I'm thankful for my blog, I wouldn't be dateless today if it were not for me texting back and forth with a guy. It's a must-read for every single woman who can't figure out why she's still single. Beth Erickson, Marriage Isn't for Sissies, host of Relationships 101 on critically important for a woman to know that if a man really wants to be with her, he'll find a way. Contemporary single women: read this book, play by The Rules, and get what you want. I had to think back on previous encounters I had with men where all they would do was text, and I never got asked out because of texting. But, a text telling you that he's running late is fine. First, it fails to establish consistency in a relationship. One advises, It's not okay if a man texts to ask for a date.Men need to be prepared to give as good as they get!

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Consistency in your relationship yields significant benefits.

This book was the most helpful I have read, and I will surely put into action the advice that was given.

When you establish patterns that make a man ask you in a certain way for dates, he will approach other relationship milestones with the same respect: exclusivity, long-term commitment, the marriage proposal. It answered so many questions that I wish I had known the answer to them as situations were happening to me, and unfolding before my eyes.

It can be difficult to discern which moves will get the guy, and until now, there has been no system.

Second, it is piecemeal and promises no specific result.

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