The dangers of dating

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In general, people believe that whatever a microwave oven does to foods cooked in it doesn't have any negative effect on either the food or them.Of course, if microwave ovens were really harmful, our government would never allow them on the market, would they? Regardless of what has been "officially" released concerning microwave ovens, we have personally stopped using ours based on the research facts outlined in this article.The two processes are supposed to use completely different waves of energy and at different intensities.No FDA or officially released government studies have proven current microwaving usage to be harmful, but we all know that the validity of studies can be - and are sometimes deliberately - limiting.Frequency determines the number of occurrences within a given time period (usually 1 second); The number of occurrences of a recurring process per unit of time, i.e. Radiation, as defined by physics terminology, is "the electromagnetic waves emitted by the atoms and molecules of a radioactive substance as a result of nuclear decay." Radiation causes ionization, which is what occurs when a neutral atom gains or loses electrons. Had the manufacturers accurately called them "radiation ovens", it's doubtful they would have ever sold one, but that's exactly what a microwave oven is.We've all been told that microwaving food is not the same as irradiating it (radiation "treatment").

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In our modern technological age, microwaves are used to relay long distance telephone signals, television programs, and computer information across the earth or to a satellite in space.Since it's currently published that microwaves - purportedly - don't leak into the environment, when properly used and with approved design, the decision lies with each consumer as to whether or not you choose to eat food heated by a microwave oven or even purchase one in the first place.On a more humorous side, the "sixth sense" every mother has is impossible to argue with. Children will never win against a mother's intuition.Take the example of eggs and how they were "proven" to be so harmful to our health in the late 1960's.This brought about imitation egg products and big profits for the manufacturers, while egg farms went broke.

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