Sirius satellite radio updating channels only attractive people dating

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If re-aligning the antenna does not work, try unplugging everything and let it sit for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

If that still does not work, call Sirius XM for Business Listener Care at 1-888-964-2874 to see if there is a repeater out in your area.

The Demo Service will transition seamlessly into the 3-month All Access Trial Subscription, which will automatically start after a sold record is received.

Download the Sirius XM Dealer App: Send a refresh signal to the radio by just scanning the VIN.

It is quick and easy, just give us a call at 1-888-964-2874. This means that the Sirius XM receiver is not getting a signal.

Have you already activated your radio, but now you only see the "Preview" channel? Make sure the Sirius XM antenna is in a southern-facing window.

The Sirius XM receiver and/or A/C power supply may be bad.NEW VEHICLESFactory Installed: All new vehicles are factory activated, which means they will arrive on your lot fully functional.The Demo Service will automatically convert to a consumer account with a trial via the Retail Delivery Record process.If none of these steps work and there is not a signal outage in your area, your equipment may need to be replaced.This means that the Sirius XM unit cannot detect the antenna.

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