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The harsh climate requires women to wear year-round parkas.

AMBITIONS: I’d love to have a life with no responsibilities so I could travel a lot.

TURN-ONS: Doing something crazy on the spur of the moment. CLUB HOPPING: Before I became a Bunny at the Playboy Club in San Francisco, I was a loan officer at a savings and loan in Tempe.

HIGHER EDUCATION: I studied history and education at Michigan State and later Arizona State universities.

There are a lot of websites that aim to connect kinksters with each other, both for fun and on a deeper, more meaningful level.

We wanted sites that didn’t just have a large membership base, but a GOOD membership base.

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Our bondage dating site rankings were based on how many replies we got to these initial contact messages, which we think is a pretty good way to find out whether or not a site is going to be a success.

We don't like fake profiles and neither do our members.

Adult Match Maker identified this was the main concern with online dating sites.

And judging entirely on Saturday morning cartoons, all Russians either actively plot world domination or kill bears for breakfast (or in the case of Vladimir Putin, both).

So it’s no wonder so many women resort to online dating.

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