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Seriously, how do they think it works - women just pic guys at random??This isn't the biggest dating site out there (I hope it grows a lot bigger - then it's an easy 5 stars) but it's a lot of fun and the woman are genuine.Signed-up for a paid account for three months, reached out to over 150 persons but it seems to me that the girls willing to send you a picture or open up the profile for reviewing all the pictures are really struggling to get someone in real life due to their looks.

When I noticed this, I put a complaint in with Paypal stating that the product was not as it claimed. au is ranked #724,403 in the world according to traffic rank and gets around 1,252 daily pageviews from 626 unique visitors." Only 626 unique users Australia/World-wide, yet there are thousands of profiles, so something doesn't add up.In all that time I've found only one fake profile, and it was removed by admin within minutes of me reporting it. Also be prepared to add some photos to your profile if you want any action.I see members complaining that they don't get any responses when they have no photos and about 2 lines of text in their profile.It is a very good way to put yourself out there to be noticed (and even have the girls chasing you for a change), vent your frustrations, share your joys, write a story, or just generate some pointless philosophical discussion.The chatrooms can vary from being almost over-crowded to being totally devoid of life and everything in between.

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