No credit card needed sex cameras

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(See how I tell is like it is – no one will give you the straight scoop – fuck these guys they are crooks!) So if you click on their ad it takes you to some bullshit blog supposedly written by some woman named Jenna. There is NO FUCKING Jenna – the only Jenna in porn is the one and only Jenna Jameson, who is here on my site of course live talking in a video – not some fake Jenna blog pretending to be her.Yeah it cost 0 bucks to have some sleazy crack head open an envelope and take out a bottle and ship it to some other sucker. Plus when you call these criminals they threaten to fuck up your credit or to report you to a credit bureau in order to try and keep the entire 9.91 they charged you. These guys are professional con artists who know how to screw people. The only way to get out of it is to call your bank and cancel your credit card. ALL “Free Trial” offers -every fucking one - is just a total credit card scam. The "4 Inches in 4 Weeks" scam video for Xanogen is a total credit card scam too. Do you know why REALLY they offer you two free trials? And then 30 days later they send you another bottle after they charge your credit card another .95 plus shipping – so just like the fucking King Size scam – these guys send you two little shitty bottles of worthless powder and charge you 0. It sucks that there are at least 10 great products on the market and all the scamsters give the industry a bad name and leave so many guys screwed.Stay away from these pieces of shit and don’t fall for any "Free trial" offers. Well fuck all the scamsters, Ron Jeremy tells it like it is – so don’t get screwed.

You still see plenty of phishing emails with atrocious spelling and weird grammar bordering on word salad, but there is a growing trend toward messages that could be mistaken for legitimate communications, even by someone who is well-informed.

They offer a FREE Trail – and yet secretly charge your credit card 9.91 in the first 30 days!

Yeah, 9.91 –total fucking scam for two bottles of worthless powder.

They also do a shady automatic credit card billing scheme which they call their “Replenishment Plan”, which is a tricky way to say they bang your credit card every single month until you scream and yell and say stop.

Look at the page from their website showing their fine print.

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