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If you want friendship and not sex, say so; if you want just sex, say so; if you’re not sure what you want yet, say so!

Feel free to create relationship styles that work for you, even if they aren’t common in society.

Be patient and be clear about what you are looking for.

If you can be upfront, it helps to set the tone for how to expect to be communicated with.

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My autism can cause me to come across as introverted and very anxious, so it’s difficult to show people my witty side.If someone did not believe anything actively toxic [about autism] and was willing to broaden their understanding, I would try it out, but I couldn’t see myself dating someone who wasn’t willing to meet halfway. When I received my diagnosis, I told the people I was involved with.If I were to meet someone new today, I would tell them.When I was 19, I started dating my now-husband and never left. Better to risk the rejection upfront than trying to navigate that later.This isn’t to sell myself short or to say that people with autism can’t date, but had I not found my husband, I’d be pretty lost right now. I didn’t know I was autistic until eight years into my marriage, so as a teenager, I just thought I was weird and unlikable. I think [autistic people] spend so much time trying to present as a neurotypical.

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