Lil scrappy and shay buckeey johnson dating

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I mean really, when was the last time anybody checked for them like that? AND ANOTHER THING, are butt enhancements the new 'in thing' to get for women?!?!?

Plus I though as black women what most of us had was sufficient already, not BIG AND BIG ENOUGH?? LASTLY, why does Lil Scrappy look like he has two golf balls stuffed in his jaws??

(JESUS WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO HAVE THAT CROSS IN YA FACE, Scrap. She doesnt realize that she can be sexy in proper attire instead of looking like a hoodrat all the time.

Becky is one of those White women that feel her breasts makes her the hottest shit on Earth.

I would feel awful if someone said they would never date me. She wears the butt pads which is better and safer than the injections.

She does have a nice body, but do you have to straddle your man in the club? Souljah Boy (however you spell his name) has a few dollars. It's so said when I read about a women dying as a result of a "butt injection" surgery gone wrong!

She wasn't dancing with them, but she was hanging with them.

He seems to have bounced back nice and fast from the news that Diamond is hooking up with Soulja Boy. It’s always warm in spring, hot in summer and cold in winter. The other reason is the days are short and the nights are long. so if they dig each other then kudos to them for that. welcome to our websit: ╭══════════════╮ ╰══════════════╯ ****☆ Best online store ☆**** We specialized in the exportation of sport shoes and other products(clothing, bag,sunglasses, watches,belts,etc ) ---- ---- 1)Name : The perfect gift.

LOL IT REALLY CRACKS ME UP THAT WOMEN WHO ARE NOT BLACK GET BUTT INJECTIONS... NOW GUESS WHAT, ALL THE WHITE GIRLS WANT BIG ASSES! FMB to Get Consumers to Support 2 pair!I absolutely hate when white women sell themselves short.She doesnt realize that she can be sexy in proper attire instead of looking like a bimbo all the time. The difference is I could care less about the Beckys. We cant do what the Beckys do and get away with it. WE HAVE A LOT TO OFFER YET MANY OF US SELL OURSELVES SHORT.IT REALLY CRACKS ME UP JUST DO YOU WHITE WOMEN, STOP TRYING TO LOOOK LIKE US! Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out..PLEASE IT DOESNT LOOK NATURAL ON YOU, INFACT IT LOOKS REALLY NASTY! I HATE STUPID ASS PEOPLE WITH DUMB ASS QUESTIONS, DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, A FEW OF US ARE TALKING ABOUT BUTT INJECTIONS! I DONT NEED NO ASS INJECTIONS, MY SHIT IS NATURAL BELIEVE THAT! FMB to Get Consumers to Support 2 pair!

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