How do you know when dating gets serious

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Waiting and playing the whole “I’m so unattainable” game is a thing of the past.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas plans for this year, or where to go for Memorial Day next year, you just see them in those plans.

Or how about when they disappear for a few days, like full blown fall off the planet.

No warning, no reason, he just vanishes like a ghost only to text you a few days later and act like nothing happened. Mixed signals can be one of life's greatest mind f**ks and more times than not it is the men sending them.

You start spending more time together, feeling pretty secure in what you have with them, and there’s definitely movement forward.

This is an important sign he is ready to be serious with you.

However, if you guys are doing things together in public and during daylight and evening hours than you, my friend, have a man who is happy to be seen with you.

It also demonstrates his ability to be kind, reasonable, and patient.

So next time you ask to reschedule dinner because of having to work late or emergency plans with your sister, try not to worry, I predict you have a good man on your hands who is interested in keeping you around.

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