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And yet more sniff the prospect of a bonus for landowners flogging sites. The “locals only” rule has been an instrument in planning for over a decade.It was first introduced after the issuing of the national planning guidelines in 2005. In 2005, the Law Society warned that county councils were discriminating against people who were not local and therefore breaking both constitutional and EU law.Así mismo, El Hotel Boutique Casa Diamante busca ser una empresa competitiva, tal y como se ha posicionado al estado de Guanajuato en contextos nacionlaes e internacionales así como responsable del medio ambiente y su entorno social, por lo que considera especial atención a sus colaboradores a través de capacitación, formación constante y la oportunidad de desarrollo profesional y personal sin distinción de género o de capacidades.Finalmente, El Hotel Boutique Casa Diamante valora y respeta el medioambiente, por lo que ha implementado como parte de su operación, el uso de energías alternas como calentadores solares, su programa de vinculación y cooperación con la Reserva de la Bisofera de la Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato y de la educación ambiental a turistas y colaboradores.In a letter sent to local authorities in 2008, the department warned “do not discriminate against planning applicants wishing to establish a full-time home- based business in an area in favour of those who are deemed to qualify as “locals” through the particular local need assessment criteria, which are adopted by members of each council”. Councils all over the country included some form of “locals only” criteria in setting out planning restrictions.And there the matter lay, with no more interference from either central government or Brussels.

The discovery of an EU ruling by a Sligo councillor indicates that it is unlawful, writes Special Correspondent Michael Clifford. The Sligo councillor was doing a bit of work with his local community council, trying to find ways to arrest the decline in their bailiwick of West Sligo.Then in 2013, the European Court of Justice issued a ruling in relation to restrictions based on place of origin and language for acquiring a house in the Flemish region of Belgium.“The Flemish decree on land and real estate policy is contrary to EU law,” the ruling read.For over a decade, local authorities have included in planning restrictions a stipulation about applicants being from the area or long term residents. For some, this is an opening through which they see the possibility of looser planning restrictions in rural Ireland, a victory against the environmental lobby which abhors the sprawl of rural housing.Others have been whispering that the discovery of this court ruling — dating from 2013 — could prompt legal actions from applicants who were refused planning based on the “locals only” rule.

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