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I was somewhat familiar with web code but you've taken this product to a new height, It is great. I have been associated with Information Systems for many years and this is a real treat to work with. we signed up for the site and after spending about three days, our site is up and running with our own information. Just want you to know that if needed, you can give my e-mail to any of your customers regarding this product.I believe you are the most customer oriented supplier I have dealt with..I am in Quality, so customer service is key to success.Plus, you can change your template at any time without losing your work.Our versatile photo galleries show off your photos in a variety of stunning formats.This product is fabulous and I can't speak enough about it.I worked with computers and with programmers who did work for me.We have also added some new features such as a drop down menu system, and user roles. The live demo for Phase 4 is coming soon No HTML knowledge or programming skills required.

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Free Hosting offers you what other free website services out there simply cannot. Your site can contain frames and we do not limit upload file size. Unlike other hosting provides we allow Streaming Audio/Video, Shockwave and Flash. Nothing worse then your life documents and media vanishing in minutes. Use 10GB Free Hosting Drive to backup your important files.You can expect an answer within 24 hours of sending your tech support email request.Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, As you can see I already added content for my new buttons.I originally developed this web site , which was later enhanced by proprietary software from think Web, Inc.My goal and objective was to develop a pre-designed web site, with proprietary software, that allowed any Veteran, without any computer knowledge or skills, to be able to add, edit, delete, modify web site page content, enabling the creation of web content to meet the needs and requirements of their Post.

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