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Psychologists will quickly tell you that rape is not about sex. Incident after incident reveals a national epidemic of authority run amok in the hands of abusive detention facility employees, who have insufficient supervision and even less self control. Its about masking feelings of inadequacy with intimidation about artificially inflating ones low self esteem by abusing someone else. So its little wonder that so many prison and jail guards, when entrusted with a modicum of power, succumb to the temptation to sexually assault the prisoners under their care.According to her testimony Little first raped her on June 18, 2003.

Events escalated over time until Mc Grew and Laurencio forced the woman into an isolated room where they took turns sexually assaulting her.An ensuing search of one guards home indicated there might be multiple victims.That suspicion was verified when photos of nude women and stacks of sexually explicit letters written by female inmates were found in the locker of one of the guards.Just as Washington State is only the tip of the United States, the culture of harassment referred to above is just the tip of an insidious iceberg of moral malignancy metastasizing throughout our nations prisons.No state is immune and no vaccine available as prisoners are preyed upon by their supposed protectors.

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