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2007 p136 -40, illus CIC2 p14 Money from sale of pub provided funds for new public library CN p10 (illus) CN p1 CN p4 1847 Directory Jas.

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Mc Clung, goes missing Mc CONNELL, Alexander Jeweller of this city died ; Monumental Inscription in St Cuthberts Yard MCCUMISKEY, P 60 Botchergate and 17 Collier Lane; moved to Crown Works in 1909, senior partner George Patrick Mc Cumiskey died in 1923 [CN p 10] 1882 Porters Directory Ad p160 Rags, ropes, hare and rabbit skins MCCUTCHEON, Henry L Ironmonger employing 1 apprentice, home address 31 Scotch St, born Carlisle [1851 census] Mac DONALD, P Botchergate Tailors CD 1910-11 Ad p114 CD 1913-14 Ad p150 CD 1920 Ad p316 Mc DOUGALL, Rose Decorators merchants CN p8 Ad MACE, Jem CJ Jem Maces Circus in Carlisle MACES see SWORDS AND MACES MACGAS CN p14 Ad Mc GEARY Portland Place Hairdressers CD 1893-94 Ad p182 Mc GIBBON, Edward Manufacturer of cotton goods, aged 49, home address 1 Lowther St, born Carlisle [1861 census] Mc GLASSON St Albans Row Fish, game and poultry CD 1927 Ad p68 CD 1931 Ad p256 CD 1934 Ad p60 CD 1937 Ad p52 CD 1940 Ad p62 CD 1952 Ad p297 CD 1955-56 Ad p242 CD 1961-62 Ad p272 CD 1966-68 Ad p266 CN p19 Ad Yesterdays Shopping in Carlisle p30 Photo of exterior Carlisle an illustrated history p65 1924 photo of exterior Mc GRATH, W. Lowther Street; Bank Street Footwear; William Joseph Mc Grath then bought by Colonel and Lady Stockdale then sold to Maisie Shiach whose son Callum is the current [2006] owner Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p62 CD 1955-56 Ad inside back cover vi, p62 CD 1961-62 Ad p260,back of inside cover CD 1966-68 Ad front inside cover, p267 CN p10 Feature on assistant who has worked there for45 years Mc HARDY, J. London Road Taxidermist, gun and fishing tackle dealer [J. Mc Hardy established a gunsmiths ans, fishing tackle and taxidemist business at 9 London Road in 1942, retiring from business in 1974 when the business was bought by a consortium of local business men W. 150 Anniversary p54 Two photos of shop CD 1952 Ad p384 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p278 CD 1955-56 Ad p285 CD 1961-62 Ad p65 CN p Firm owned by John Park Mac INTOSH, Chas Scotch Street; English Street Waterproof manufacturer; India rubber products Leading Trader of the City Ad pi A616; established 1824 Old Carlisle; Second photographic recollection; J.

of the Carlisle Natural History Society, Vol 5, 1933 Mammals in Carlisle CN p3 Mink spotted in Carlisle MANDERS MENAGERIE Carlisle Examiner p2c In Carlisle MANDLE AND TINKLER Mary Street, Cecil Street Coopers, engineers and millwrights CD 1893-94 Ad p66 MANE-LINE Health and Beauty Centre CN p8 Ad MANKIN, William Lowther Street; Lowther Arcade Tobacconist; hairdressing saloon and tobacconist CD 1893-94 Ad p140 CD 1907-08 Ad p8 CD 1910-11 Ad p7 CD 1913-14 Ad p7 MANNS, Mrs CJ Details nos on roll 33, nos attending her school 35 MANOR PLACE City Minutes 1933-34 p186 New street to be named Manor Place MANOR ROAD, Upperby City Minutes 1932-33 p 234 Agree to request that Cemetery Road, Upperby be renamed Manor Rd MAPS Oldest map of city dates from 1542, this manuscript map published in 1815 in Magna Britannia; CWAAS 1971, Vol 71, opp.

p52 carries a conjectoral map of city and environs in 1597; 1610 Survey of the Soccage lands of Carlisle, [original in Howard of Naworth Archive, Durham Univerity, ref C49/1]; 1610 inset 3D map of city appears in corner of Speeds 1611 map of Cumberland; circa 1700 Meissners 3D map of Carlile in Anglia; first published map of city appeared on Hodskinson and Donalds 1774 Map of Cumberland (surveyed 1770/71); other notable maps include Woods Map of 1821, Studholmes map of 1834, Asquiths Survey of 1853; Ordnance Survey surveyed Carlisle in 1865 CAIH p55 CP p1d Advert to view Woods Map of City CP p1 Ad To be ready on 1st Jan map of city by Richard Asquith CJ OS plan of city published at end of past year at 10.56 feet to mile CN p4 A flashback to the 1920s CN p4 The maps that show what was there CN p10 George Smith: 18th century double agent Mc CUTCHEON, Henry L 31 Scotch St 1851 Wards North of England Directory ads, p12 ironmonger MARBLE WORKS, Mill Street 1851 Wards North of England Directory, ad p9; porps.

Perriam MAITLAND STREET City Minutes 1900-01 p 326 Approval for new street City Minutes 1922-23 p 393 Approval for 8 houses MALOYS COURT; Grey St So named on local directories from 1880; on voters list ubtl 1973; on 1901 census Edward Maloy, grocer, living in adjacent house, no 10 Grey St MALT SHOVEL INN Rickergate; present building completed , designed by Harry Redfern; renamed Robbies, Adrianos [Italian restaurant] S.

Davidson Carlisle Breweries and Public Houses 1894 - 1916 p113 Olive Seabury the Carlisle State Management Scheme.

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