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In this case, Derek, at 16 "wasn't a minor, at least in California" all those other places where age of consent is 18 and he would be.This reading requires Jeff to be misinformed on the laws of California. (Disney's project to filter the Star Wars Extended Universe into the books that "count" and those that don't is them specifying which are canonical.) These become apocrypha--semi-official potential additions to the text.Some literary scholars include apocrypha in their analysis and some do not.Interviews, actors' explanations/beliefs, writers' explanations/beliefs, and all other sources of information outside the text itself are apocrypha.

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"He wasn't a minor, at least in California." The phrase "wasn't a minor" seems clear enough. However, "at least in California" makes little sense in this context, because 18 is the highest age of consent in the country.An assistant professor in the Department of Ophthalmology, his laboratory studies the way in which glaucoma leads to optic nerve injury, neurodegeneration and, ultimately, vision loss.Specifically, he is interested in identifying the genes responsible for nerve cell death and to use what is learned to develop new neuro-protective treatment strategies for glaucoma patients. Welsbie lectures at national conferences and has coauthored numerous articles.And there's no way to back up this supposition short of asking him what he believes the age of consent in California to be. This site strives to use only textual evidence as its source of information, as the text is final in a way that opinions from living humans are not. Please call the New Patient Registration line to confirm that the provider you wish to see is accepting new patients.

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