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"Infection prevention and control in dentistry is a critical issue for safe patient care," said the RCDSO in a statement. Dentists are extensively trained on infection prevention and our mandatory continuous education program makes the subject a priority." Vick Handa, also known as Vivek Handa, is also the nephew of Dennis Khanna, who is facing charges of fraud and sexual assault stemming from his work as a mortgage broker in Hamilton.

The provincial regulator for mortgage brokers, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, identified Handa as one of the sources of funds for Khanna's mortgages – though borrowers had no idea they were closely related.

Sanctioned by legislation and organized at the agency level, the CFD is intended to accomplish the following goals: Further, the Executive Ethics Board (Board) has held that since the CFD is official state business, activities of CFD coordinators, related to the CFD, are official duties and thus, CFD coordinators are not violating the act when using state resources in carrying out their CFD duties.

There is one caveat – the board cautions that there is a limit however, and cautioned the amount of state resources that may be devoted to the drive is a matter left to the discretion of each agency.

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Officials in Halton Region are warning patients of a dental clinic in Burlington they may have been exposed to improperly cleaned instruments used in procedures. Vick Handa's office at Upper Middle Dental at 1900 Walkers Line was closed on June 9 after an inspection.

The phrase “oil pulling” comes from the process of the oil being “worked” in the mouth by pulling, pushing, and sucking it through the teeth.

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Daniela Kempkens, acting medical officer of health for Halton Region, in a statement.When stripping him of his licence, a provincial tribunal found that Khanna and his company, Metro Financial Planning Ltd., was manipulative and exploitative.The tribunal ruled with the regulator, who had alleged he used practices like allegedly taking out mortgages in already financially distressed clients' names without their knowledge, charging significant fees and, when some borrowers couldn't make their payments, transferring the homes or titles into the names of his nephew and his wife.Connect with beautiful ladies doctors who are ready to relocate.Since enacted in 1985 the Combined Fund Drive (CFD) has provided an extraordinary means through which state employees can individually and collectively direct their charitable efforts.

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