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Aside from these vague recommendations, the new client-centered guidelines offered few practical suggestions on how to engage clients in a more interactive discussion (see Table 1).

Counselors should avoid providing information that is irrelevant to their clients and should avoid structuring counseling sessions on the basis of a data-collection instrument or form.(12)The last phrase refers to the tendency of counselors to structure sessions similar to an assessment of risk behaviors listed on a standardized form.

This chapter will provide an overview of current models of VCT practice with links to guidelines, curricula, and research protocols that describe them.

Each of these guidelines emphasizes a particular theoretical approach to behavior change that was developed and tested in a research context.

This is because little research has examined what VCT interaction actually consists of in practice.

By definition, "counseling" assumes a helping relationship in which a client, having identified a problem or concern, seeks the help of a mental health professional.(13) VCT differs fundamentally from other counseling relationships in two respects.(4) First, VCT counselors in the United States are provided minimal formal training and generally are not mental health professionals.

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