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Cluster Those one-word-a-day language learning apps may feel convenient, but thematically, they’re all over the place, delivering a chain of unrelated words: envelope, tired, January, receive, onion. The mind naturally clusters connected words together, so learning, say, types of weather in one lesson, and parts of the body the next, works in tune with your brain’s natural system for classifying information. Avoid opposites It might seem logical to study opposites together: hot/cold, expensive/cheap. A learning hiccup called 'cross association' can occur, when you learn two words so closely together you end up mixing them up.

If a Spanish student learns 'always' (siempre) and 'never' (nunca) together, they might later draw on one word when they mean to use the other.

There also seems to be a crackdown underway on foreigners with “too many” tourist visanoreplace stickers in their passport …

Read more Since Pattaya’s “discovery” by U. soldiers in the 1960s and its rapid transformation from a virtually unknown fishing village to one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, Pattaya has gone through some significant changes but always remained loyal to its “ Funtown” image.

These visualisations are often abstract, ridiculous, and embarrassing to admit, but they work, especially for longer words.

Focus on phrases Linguist Michael Lewis encourages language learning in lexical chunks, rather than on a word-by-word basis.

A good language textbook or online program will be organised in a way that reviews and applies learned vocabulary in later lessons.

Popular with tourists and expats alike, Pattaya attracts around 10 million visitors each year and is mostly famous for its sunny beaches, legendary nightlife and 24/7 party atmosphere.

Read, read, read Reading helps you revisit learned vocabulary, and see those words in new sentences and contexts.

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is your comprehensive online travel guide to Pattaya, Jomtien and Thailand, providing you with all the information you need before traveling to Funtown. How can I find a cheap hotel or guesthouse in Pattaya?

Find everything you need to know about holidays, life and lifestyle in Pattaya here on our website.

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