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Families of three generations were often crammed into one small room.And yet Mao had more than 50 estates, including no less than five in Beijing. News and World Report, October 10, 1994] Jonathan Mirsky wrote in The Spectator, “ His consumption of young women, while he was married to Jiang Qing, one of the Gang of Four, was notorious, and became more so after the publication in 1994 of The Private Life of Chairman Mao, by Li Zhisui, Mao’s doctor.

RELATED ARTICLES IN THIS WEBSITE: REPRESSION UNDER MAO, THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION AND NIXON; REPUBLICAN CHINA, MAO AND THE EARLY COMMUNIST PERIOD; MAO'S PRIVATE LIFE AND SEXUAL ACTIVITY; JIANG QING, LIN BIAO, ZHOU ENLAI; COMMUNISTS TAKE OVER CHINA; FAMOUS ESSAYS BY MAO ZEDONG AND OTHER CHINESE COMMUNISTS AS THEY TAKE POWER; EARLY COMMUNIST CHINA UNDER MAO; CHINA, THE KOREAN WAR, POWS, SPIES AND THE C. Henry Kissinger once wrote that the Great Helmsman "exuded more concentrated willpower and determination than any other leader I have encountered, with the possible exception of Charles de Gaulle," Mao reportedly never bathed, preferring instead to be rubbed down with a hot towel.After the book was published, Zhisui's publisher, Random House, was attacked by Chinese authorities for producing a book “awash in lies and malice." Mao gave Evita Peron an ornately detailed screen, behind which she dressed and undressed. President George Bush and embraced by the American right as a condemnation of Communism.Good Websites and Sources of People’s Republic of China : Timeline ; ; Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Cold War International Project ; China Essay Series ; Everyday Life in Maoist; Wikipedia article on propaganda Wikipedia ; Cultural Revolution; Communist China Posters Landsberger Posters ; More Posters ; Yet more posters Ann Tompkins and Lincoln Cushing Collection The Long March: Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Paul Noll site ; Chinese Government Account of Events; Long March Remembered cn ; Long March map cn Mao Zedong Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Chinese ; Mao Internet Library marx2; Paul Noll Mao site ; Mao Quotations; ; Propaganda Paintings of Mao fr ; New York Times; Communist Party History Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Illustrated History of Communist Party cn Good Chinese History Websites: 1) Chaos Group of University of Maryland edu/history/toc ; 2) WWW VL: History China it/history/asia ; 3) Wikipedia article on the History of China Wikipedia 4) China Knowledge; 5) e-book ; Links in this Website: Main China Page (Click History) Books: , and her husband John Halliday, a British historian, portrays Mao as villain on the level of Hitler and Stalin. It characterizes Mao as cruel, materialistic, self-centered and a leader who used terror with the aim of ruling the world. Also check out: multiple volumes (Cambridge University Press).The Communist Party and army procured young girls for him.These girls staffed his villas and served as dancing companions at leaders' exclusive parties when such dancing was banned for ordinary Chinese.

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